About Us

About Our Start

The Women's Place and Resource Center (WPRC)— a nonprofit organization designed to assist women in the process of spiritual, personal, and professional development— is truly a dream in the making. I finished my Doctorate of Education from Edgewood College in May of 2015. When I walked across that stage as a single mom of three young kids, I realized what I had accomplished was nothing short of a miracle and blessing that needed to be shared. I was now a single mom with a BS in Nursing, MS in Nursing, MBA, and a Doctorate in Education. 

I had been in nursing for over 17 years, with 13 years dedicated to education. I realized at that moment how very fortunate I was and how "selfish" it would be not to share with other women looking for and in need of guidance, encouragement, and compassionate assistance. Thus, I knew it was time to "Jump"! 

I decided to take that leap of faith and begin the journey of building the Women's Place and Resource Center (WPRC). I knew in my heart; so many women would benefit from my education, life, professional, personal, and spiritual journey. I worked hard, made sacrifices, and now have the 501(c)(3) status. Yes, a Public Charity. 

One of my most pivotal moments was when I realized that it is always better to share. The knowledge gained is made better when you share it with others! That is the goal and purpose of the WPRC, helping women grow spiritually, personally, and professionally. After working actively as a nurse for over 16 years (patient care and teaching), my passion for others continues to grow; however, the population focus has shifted just a bit!!

Dr. Taysheedra Allen

Dr. Taysheedra Allen is an experienced nurse and nursing instructor with over twenty-three years in the industry. She is the founder and executive director of a Women's Place and Resource Center. An entrepreneur with a focus on community and the greater good, Taysheedra is skilled in communication, collaboration, personal and professional development. She has used expertise from the health care industry to provide mentoring and support to strengthen the lives of young girls and women.

A Trustee on DeForest Village Board in the Village of DeForest, Wisconsin. Taysheedra has used her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing, Master's of Science in Nursing, Master's Business Administration, and Doctorate in Education to help others and grow strong, sustainable communities.

Additionally, Dr. Taysheedra Allen is a educator, author, speaker, coach, trainer and wellness advocate.

Board Members


Jessica McIntyre

Jessica McIntyre, a Madison native, currently resides on the northeast side of Madison with her husband Andrew and their four children. Jessica has a passion for helping people, which has landed her in HR roles for the better part of the past five years. A series of volunteer events at a Madison middle school led her to return to college. Jessica is currently obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Human Services, with a certificate in Social Work. She believes firmly in spiritual guidance, bridging the gap between the community and resources available as well as building sustainable relationships.


Jana Williams

Jana resides in DeForest, Wisconsin with her husband of over 32 years. She holds degrees in Microbiology and Application Development. She works as a contract technical support and documentation specialist and is active in her church.


Monique Gentry

Monique is a Madison resident. She has a passion for helping people succeed in life. She would like to help people as much as she can of which she loves to do. Her desire in her nursing career has always been to help women. 


Cindy Collins

Cindy Collins is a business and leadership development faculty at Moraine Park Tech College. She holds a MA in Education with minor in technology and a BS in Adult Education with minor in human resource/organizational development/leadership. Cindy is also a Certified Maxwell Leadership trainer and coach. The Women’s Place and Resource Center (WPRC) aligns with Cindy's personal vision/mission in touching women’s lives through positive influence, coaching, mentoring, and teaching/learning. The WPRC is a much-needed resource in any given county/community. Everyone deserves to be lead well! Be a servant leader to women seeking a new beginning and journey--- Experienced women helping women ---become more resilient, provide hope and resources, and “education” to live an optimal life and brighter tomorrow