Programs & Services

The services offered by the Women's Place and Resource Center are individually or group based. The WPRC also works to connect participants with local and surrounding organizations providing services to further meet their individual needs.  All services are designed to meet each individual's needs for growth and development.

The Women's Place is a faith-based business providing spiritual guidance for coping with life's issues. Our belief is that women/mothers are capable of addressing and fixing a multitude of problems with basic needed skill sets. In reality, most families consist of a one-parent home and the family is too burdened to function adequately. The Women's Place goal is not to promote single-parent families, but to empower broken families with the knowledge and skills to live better and fuller lives.
The WPRC will assist in the overall pursuit and development of occupation, trade, profession, or vocation. The WPRC will provide this service through one-on-one, group sessions, and or partnerships with a variety of other non-profits. There are so many various careers that may require extensive education and training to many that require little preparation. Each participant will work with the WPRC to find what best meets their needs and life situation.
Promoting financial literacy with math skills will have a positive impact on these women and mother's personal and professional development. The money management classes are designed to teach women/mothers how to live within their means by creating and balancing budgets. The classes will instill principles and financial responsibility and accountability. The increase in the literacy rate will furthermore create an opportunity for better job choices for the women and our future generation.
One of the goals of Women's Resource is to teach and assess basic computer concepts and skills so that women can use computer technology in everyday life. The Skills acquired will allow each participant to develop new social and economic opportunities for themselves, their families and their communities
Health and fitness promotion will teach the significance of having and maintaining an active and healthy approach to living. The promotion of health and fitness will permit each woman the chance to increase control of or improve current social, environmental, and personal health/fitness choices. Activities of daily living training will teach the women how to perform and maintain proper hygiene, plan healthy meals, and care for self and family.
The cooking class will teach each individual healthy inexpensive alternative to fast food. Cooking classes will also encourage literacy, math skills; while, providing an opportunity for the women to learn new skills and/or enhance current ones.